The Characteristics of a Great Dane Puppy and Dog

“The Great Dane is a very big impressive dog, and one of the largest breeds there is!. The average height is roughly 28 to 34 inches tall, and average weights can be from 100 to 200 pounds, with males usually being taller and heavier than the females.”

“The Great Dane is commonly referred to as the “Gentle Giant”, just like their close relative, the mastiff. They are also referred to as the “Apollo of Dogs” after a Greek God.”

“A Great Dane is such a large dog, that just like other large size breeds, it’s life expectancy is that of only roughly 8 years, but it will be good times, if you treat your Great Dane nicely, and teach him or her to have some good behavior!”

“Great Dane’s make excellent family pets. As long as you are aware, that most of the time, a big giant size dog like a Great Dane, sometimes thinks he or she is a lap dog, and will want to crawl and and snuggle with you, even thou it seems like you have an elephant in the room with you sometimes!”

“The Great Dane was originally breed to hunt wild boar, but you might not know that when they are just laying around the house. The Dane can make a good watch dog, just from their size, and powerful load bark, which they hardly ever use, but would rather be friendly to perfect strangers, unless they feel their human family is being threatened, then their instinct will take over to protect their family.”

“One of the things that stand out about Great Danes, is their joints keep growing until they are about 18 months old. It is very important not to take your Dane out running or exercising with you, as their bones and joints need more time to grown, and this could put stress on their bones and joints, so you need to wait, since they are going to be so big!”

“You would want to make sure you have plenty of room for your Dane to walk around and play in. Danes seem to be in slow motion, and that is one of the things that is so neat about them!”

“Danes should never be left outside in the cold. Your fence should be a minimum of 6 feet to make sure your dog stays where you want him or her to stay. The Great Dane is such a fun loving family pet, and when introduced as puppies to your family, they make such great additions, and get along so well with children.”

Vince Stead has written 18 books so far, and one called “How to Train and Raise a Great Dane Puppy or Dog with Good Behavior.” Vince has been raising dogs for over 25 years.